Case Study – Emco Williams – Sevierville

Emco Williams DEP 160/600

We recently installed a new 160 gpm/ 600 lpm system at Emco Williams fabrication facility in Sevierville, Tennessee.

This customer was using all city water, with an astonishing water bill every month !

Not the easiest solution as they have 2 small satellite dirty water pits and the position for the plant was to be the other side of the building.

However, this is not something new to Turrini and we installed proper sludge pumps in the two satellite pits, feeding back to a new, above ground dirty water tank next to the main silo, which in turn, feeds the system on demand.

Some new pipe work was installed to aid the increased flow of water and better cope with the 90psi running pressure.

Micron filters were installed for the spindle feeds on the CNCs in order For them to use the recycled water.

Always add more outlets than you need now.

Maintenance is limited to cleaning a filter once per week, adding non corrosive chemical when required (once per week), emptying mud bags when they are full and changing the micron filters around once per week.
A total maintenance time of around 10 minutes per week !

Dirty water tank and Sludge bags

No plates to clean or cloths to change, mud is constantly and automatically ejected according to system operation, without intervention and drained water returned to the loop.

No need to store tanks full of water or the risk that when you are at your busiest, you will run out of stored water and have to turn to city water.

Now, they have fully “automagic” , closed loop system, supplying ALL their machinery and equipment and most importantly of all, they have shaved the water bill by an incredible $3500 per month ! The ROI on this will be really, really fast.

Now you may not have such a huge water bill, but wouldn’t you like the ease of use and automation of a “proper” on demand system, from a company that specialises in water recycling rather than a homemade or “off the shelf” machine ?

Then it’s probably time to call a company that does this day in, day out, around the world !
All you need is;

  • Trenches to your dirty water pit
  • A Dirty water pit (or pits) ideally cone shaped in the bottom
  • Pipes to your machines
  • An electrical connection

Oh, and this link

We will take care of the rest !

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