Double Down Deal in Las Vegas – Join the NSI on us ! Its a Win Win !

In honor of Las Vegas – will you take our “Double Down” deal ?

In our continued resolve to make a safer and more pleasant workplace for the many thousands of people in the stone industry, Turrini USA is partnering with the Natural Stone Institute, for all customers investing in equipment from us

The NSI is an incredible organization with your best interests – and that of the industry – at its heart. With a wealth of information and particularly related to respirable silica, we know that together with the NSI we can help you to help everyone in your facility to stay as safe and as healthy as possible.

We were recently invited to join the safety council of the NSI and as a thank you to the NSI for all it does, Turrini USA will sponsor the first year membership of anyone purchasing a dust collector (or water recycling system) from us during TISE 2020. 

What is that worth ? Well in just cold hard cash terms, that is a value of $1000.

But it is so much more…

You will get the following

  • Access to all the Natural Stone Institute resources
  • The member directory, helping you to network with other like minded members
  • Pathways to accreditation for your company and staff

The Silica and slab safety certification alone is worth $600 !

This certificate program includes training & materials for silicosis, silica safety, slab handling, and implementing a silica exposure control plan.

Not only this but we will also give 5% discount to any Registered member of the equally amazing Stone Fabricators Alliance. Also, if you are a fabricator and sign with us for a dust collector at TISE west and you’ve never been an SFA member, we’ll pay your first annual dues!

The SFA does an incredible job of bringing fabricators together to share ideas, ask advice, learn new techniques and so much more. If you are reading this then you are already following the SFA. Your membership provides you access to one of the most comprehensive databases of sink templates as well as information on materials, fabrication repair and stain management techniques as well as free attendance at workshops held across the country.

We’re talking double whammy here ….. $1000 NSI membership AND 5% off.

Come and see us at booth #3883 and see why we are the only serious choice for dust extraction and water recycling, the fastest growing in North America (almost 100 machines installed in the last 24 months and some in place here for more than 20 years ….)  We’re a focused, approachable, hands on group, with a broad range and lifetimes of experience in the industry.

As our special guests, we’ll have Claudio & Marzia the owners of the TC Turrini group, a long standing family company from the Verona area, our US born president Mr. Vanderbas and staff and our soon to be formerly European resident Brit and company chairman Mr. Bradbury on hand.  We’re here to do business, and we STRICTLY represent products that are NO GAMBLE.

What are the odds you’ll visit?

Receive all the benefits of the NSI PLUS, get access FREE to this ….

This certificate program includes training & materials for silicosis, silica safety, slab handling, and implementing a silica exposure control plan.

The Natural Stone Institute is dedicated to providing safety training for employees in the stone industry.  This 10-hour online certificate provides training materials for silica, slab handling and creating a safety program.  To earn this certificate, one designated safety manager must complete and pass all designated safety courses, download safety materials, and be a current Natural Stone Insitute member or paid the certificate admin fee .  With these resources, safety managers may administer these same training courses to their employees. The Silica & Safety Certificate includes the following courses:

General Awareness (2.5 Hours)

  • Creating a Safety Program- Where To Start
  • Basics of OSHA Compliance
  • No Place for Complacency    
  • Onsite OSHA Consultation
  • Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment

Silica (3 Hour)

  • Silicosis: An Industry Guide to Awareness and Prevention
  • Silica Exposure Standard and OSHA Compliance
  • Toolbox Talk: What is Crystalline Silica?
  • Toolbox Talk: Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention
  • Implementing a Silica Exposure Control Plan for Your Company(Coming Soon)
  • How To Use the OSHA Voluntary Inspection Program to Monitor Silica Exposure (Coming Soon)

Safe Slab Handling (4.5 Hours)

  • Overview of Stone-Related Accidents
  • Safe Slab Handling
  • Slab Fall Shadow
  • Employee and Customer Training
  • Material Handling Containers    
  • Material Handling and Flatbed Trucks
  • Handling Slabs with Overhead Cranes
  • Handling Slabs with Forklifts
  • Handling Slabs with Slings and Clamps

Associated Materials (Recommended for Download)

Upon completion of all 20 courses, applicants will be asked to submit an evaluation checklist.  This checklist will be reviewed by the Natural Stone Institute.  Participants who meet all requirements will then be issued a certificate of completion.  To download the program checklist, please click here.

RECOMMENDATION: Participants are encouraged to share this program with their insurance carrier to discuss potential discounts on insurance premiums

Program Cost:   
This Safety Certificate program is free to current Natural Stone Institute members.
There is a $599 fee for non-member participants to cover the administrative costs of this certificate program.


  • For new signing members only. You must continue your membership after the first year for at least another year.
  • on orders placed at TISE or in an agreed period afterwards

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