mb waterwall dust extraction

The water wall dust extractor has a double dust suction system.
Outside there is a waterfall layer, generated to capture the heavier dust in suspension; inside there is another nozzle reduction system, needed for the complete dust removal of the suctioned air.
Our suction cabin is designed for high performance and less maintenance. It is made of prime AISI 304 stainless steel.
The MB water wall follows the guidelines of HSE Health and Safety Executive.

The operation and use of the MODULBOX MB system requires the operator to work in the front of the module, between the water layer and the linear vacuum opening.

The dust produced is vacuumed by the fans through the opening located between the tank and the water layer. At first, part of the dust is reduced by the outer water layer while the rest is stopped by a water atomization system located inside the machine. The module also has a droplet separator that isolates the water atomization system from the suction unit, not allowing the water or dust to be discharged in the air.

The purified air comes out from the top of the machine, allowing recirculation in the location. The water flow on the outer layer can be regulated using the gate valves while the flow of the inner water atomization system, for dust reduction, remains constant.

It is also possible to access the machine for cleaning and routine maintenance of parts subject to saturation and inevitable wear.

An additional fixed or mobile box of various dimensions with a frame in AISI 304 stainless steel and plexiglass panels can be applied to the front allowing the user to work even in areas subject to excessive turbulence.

Whenever the factory ceiling is not higher than six metres, our anti-turbulence disperser called the PLENUM is recommended.