Super clean Recycled Water

We supply ALL your shop’s required water, at pressure, On Demand !

With many years of experience and refinement of our system design, we are able to supply almost crystal clear “gray” water to the shop.

Fed directly from the system, On demand and at high pressure (4.5-6 Bar), no hassle.

Virtually Zero Maintenance

We have refined the system to present as little maintenance as possible.

Typically, there is a filter to clean once per week – a couple of minutes, chemical to check levels on and bags to swap.
Thats it.
Yes, really !

Small Footprint
Big capability

Just 8x8ft for the silo and 10×3 ft for the mud bag frame

No need to take up lots of space in your shop with tanks and pipes and other paraphernalia.

We do the job in a fraction of the space



4750 mm



2400 x 2400 mm (Silo)

2800 x 1200 mm (Bags)


22000 Litres