Who are Turrini ?


We have been around a while !

Turrini Claudio are an Italian family company, based outside Verona
We started in the early 1980’s building machines and work with some of the largest fabricators and material process companies in the world.

In the UK for example, Turrini are the water recycling supplier to 9/10 of the markets biggest a fabricators

In North America, there are hundreds of Turrini machines in use, going back some 20 years.

Turrini has been supplied previously vie Gran Quartz and Marmo Meccanica in North America but around 2 years ago we started a partnership with our long term distributors over at Stone Industry Group – whom we have worked with for more than 10 years and take care of the UK market along with others in Europe – in order to serve the North American market in the correct way.

Turrini USA was formed, headed by Gerry Van Der Bas (who was more recently the National Sales Manger for Breton USA) and Simon Bradbury, our expert in water recycling from Europe who spends around half the year in North America.

The team has expanded to include technical staff and now accounts for some 8 or more people across North America

We are dedicated to the market and are installing multiple machines per month.

In 2018, we worked with Cosentino to install some 65 machines across their North American facilities.

Our system works like this;

  • We take the MUD and water from your collection pit
  • Flocculant is added as it enters the system
  • By the time this water reaches the inside base of the silo, the particles are already settling
  • Clean water is stored in the gallery at the top of the silo
  • When your machines require water (ie a tap is opened or a machine switched) our inverter controlled pressure pumps maintain approx 80psi, feeding the cleaned water to your machines until the demand stops, at which point the pumps stop and the machine waits
  • Sludge is ejected automatically into bags which seep water out and allow fast drying of the mud

This means all you have to do is turn on the plant in the morning, turn off at night

Because it is on demand and automatic, you can leave machines running after hours, when they stop, our machine stops

No more worrying about running out of water out overflowing !



On DEMAND means that there is no need for large storage tanks of water, other than our silo (and in some cases where greater demand is required, a small integral stainless steel tank)


Why ?

Because our system is designed from the beginning to take care of your entire production demand. We size the silo in the beginning to be large enough to cope with all the water you will need to provide to your shop.


We clean as we go, that means we don’t need to store water.

There is no risk of running out of water (unless you have a big leak somewhere !)

It also means there is no “standing” water, so limited risk of bacteria build up


  • Less space required
  • No risk of having to run city water when your tank is empty
  • All the water, cleaned all of the time



There is one filter to clean directly before the clean water pumps.

This takes around 3 minutes to do and needs doing once per week



The Flocculant typically requires top up once per week.

Fill with City water & add the chemical (small dose)

Typically takes 4 minutes


Empty the bags

Bags simply pickup with the forklift truck and are emptied into the dumpster with your scrap !

Typically takes 2 minutes


Is that really it ?

Yep ! less than 10 minutes per week


Typically less than one day !

We aim to unload, position, commission, fill and test the system within one day.

We normally allow 2-3 days on site, just to be sure everything is covered and running fine but typically we are running inside the first full day

Depending on position, existing equipment etc we may be able to do this while you still run !

The quickest we have done it is 4 hours from truck to running production



All the water is recycled.

You will of course lose some into the atmosphere, the floor, the workers clothes etc etc !

This can be topped up with city water and we can even automate this for you !


Probably the easiest !


All controlled from one panel, you can choose between manual switchgear (most stay in the same place all the time and you just turn the on and off switch !) or Touch screen panel with remote access.

We train you and your staff how to use it and what each button or switch does.

As an owner you will then have access to our online troubleshooter, telephone support from one of our 3 technical staff in North America or any of our staff worldwide.

We know our system intimately and should you have a problem can normally help you in minutes over the phone.

Should you need direct support we can either send one of our techs or aid your local resource.


A proper machine


Water & electricity are the 2 things you CANNOT do without in your shop.
Without them, you can’t cut stone, you can’t finish jobs and that means you cant make any money !

As such, having ready water should be tlike turning on the lights.

In order to get that, you need to make some investment, but the level of that investment may be surprisingly less than you think !

With a Turrini machine, you get a proper machine worthy of such an investment and with a typical lifespan of more than 10-15 years!


You get a high quality, significant, all stainless steel, high capacity silo, with almost everything you need, built in and onboard.


That means;

Duty and Standby clean water pumps (inverter controlled)

Duty and spare dirty water pumps

Full control from one panel

No downtime for mud emptying

No downtime for cleaning

Machine starts and stops with your machines

We supply customers who run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and their machines rarely stop except during holidays


See some installed machines 


Of Course !

We have hundreds of these systems around the world 

Drop us a line and we will put you in touch with someone near you or take a look at the testimonials on our video page


Very, very good !

It can vary, depending on what you are cutting, but provided that you run the machine as we instruct you (in automatic of course), you can be getting RECYCLED – GRAY WATER like in this video, taken at a customer in Tennessee recently



Filter Presses were designed to compress sludge and squeeze out the water from it. This results in “cakes” of “dry” mud

Typically this “dry” mud varies in its actual dryness and you can end up with a dumpster full of sludge.

Why is this ?

Filter press work very well with Natural stone as the sludge particles are consistent and larger, with typically bigger tooling being used.

In the countertop industry, the sludge has changed hugely (and still does from day to day, week to week and shop to shop) and is typically now much more “sticky” and difficult to deal with.

This causes problems with Filter Press and means that you end up doing more and more maintenance, with more and more downtime. Some customers we now work with were reporting in excess of 5 hours per week maintenance and at least one we know of spends ONE WHOLE DAY, EVERY WEEK cleaning their Filter Press.

Some companies have taken an “innovative” approach and use a Filter Press to actually clean your water, then to be stored for use as clean.

This can work well, but relies solely on an operating FP. If its down, you have no clean water and have to resort to city water to run some machines.

We can of course supply a filter press if your operation is more suited to it (Natural Stone) but generally you shouldn’t need one.

So how is the mud taken out without a Filter Press ?

We use special porous bags that allow the water out but not the mud. This means that the mud dries quickly and all you have to do is take the bag off with the forklift truck which takes seconds and empty / put the bag into the dumpster with the scrap !

Thats  it. No maintenance, no downtime.