Is your recycled water this good ?

Taken in October at a customer of ours in Tennessee, you can see how clean we get “on demand”, recycled, grey water, without the need for storage tanks and high maintenance filter press.

See the case study here

Distinctive Marble & Granite Testimonial

This video shows our President, Gerry Van Der Bas interviewing Harry Johns, the GM at Distinctive Marble & Granite in Columbus, OH.


MB Waterwall in action

Here you can see one of our MB waterwall dust extractors in action.

We are cutting dry to show the power of the system but you should ALWAYS try to cut WET

A full DEP walkthrough 

Here we show a full walkthrough of how our system works. Apologies for the sound, the customer was busy cutting inside and it was a very windy day !


Mud ejecting into our bags

See how the mud from the Turrini system ejects automatically into the mud bags for easy drying out and disposal

Using the right bags ?

Its hugely important to use the right bags. Our video here shows how fast the water “seeps” out of our bags.
This means fast drying, maximum use of the bags and less overall cost !