Threading a needle in Michigan

We often get difficult jobs with many fabricators in the stone industry having limited space, but yesterday was particularly challenging.

A small space to begin with made more difficult by the addition of a crane adjacent since our machine was ordered.

Thankfully the riggers were brilliant, positive and funny guys who wouldn’t give up and together we managed to shoehorn a huge piece of equipment into a space that by rights it should not have gone into !
A job well done by all including the staff at Michigan Kitchen Distributors in Marshall MI.

A brand new Turrini Claudio DEP 800 with a clean water tank to boost available volume of water to the outlying parts of the shop and help maintain a good flow of water with the above ground dirty water “pit” until they can recut trenches and dig a new pit.

This shop has a Baca dual table saw jet, a bunch of Park Titan routers, Park saw jet, a splash polisher and ever present hand polishers.

Two small satellite pits automatically feed back to the main tank and now they have 210 gpm of super clean water, fed at 80psi, on demand, automatically.

Maintenance is now reduced for them to less than 10 minutes per week !

Need to sort out your water ? Trust Turrini to do it properly Contact us today.

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